Our barn wedding venue is expanding, as we build our second wedding barn here at Mickleton Hills Farm.

The last week has been very exciting watching our oak frame go up within two days! The craft and skill involved in building it is incredible to see. All the oak is hand carved, all the joints beautifully moulded to seamlessly fit together, like one giant and wonderful jigsaw. No bolts and screws, everything is held together by wooden dowels which pull the joints tightly together to fix them in place. The skill involved in incredible – the build style completely traditional – the result is stunning!

When the wonderful team here from The Oak Frame Carpentry Company had finished building the incredible structure, they hung a branch on the very top known as “Topping Out”, as photographed. “Topping Out” is a building tradition and something this wonderful company always do once the frame is up and complete to bless the barn they have just erected. This tradition originates to the 8th Century in Scandinavia. It is said to appease tree dwelling spirits who’s peace was disturbed during construction. “Topping Out” is a time honoured tradition and the branch is alway hung on the highest point of the structure. With the sun shining on us here as we completed the frame and the branch was hung, it was a happy sight to see our new barn blessed in this traditional style.

Barn wedding venues are increasingly popular, and the oak frame we are building in our new barn is in honour to our original grain barn here at Mickleton Hills Farm. The beams give the buildings true character and offer great opportunities for hanging floral chandeliers, bunting, or any chosen decorations to add a personal touch, whilst offering a true beauty all of their own, meaning minimal floral table centres would be just enough to create a stunning wedding breakfast within.  The natural beauty of the oak is a perfect backdrop to your Cotswold Barn Wedding celebration. We look forward to welcoming your celebrations here within both our new and original barns for all our 2019 weddings!