Enjoy a holiday with us here at Mickleton Hills Farm, just a stone’s throw from the historic town of Chipping Campden which plays host to the Cotswold Olimpick Games on June 1st this year.

This celebration dates back 405 years. It may not be the Olympics as you know them, but here in Chipping Campden you can see jousting, throwing the hammer, and the true British tradition of tug of war. The star event of course in the shin kicking world championship final. Like all true Olympic ceremonies the beacon will be lit followed by fireworks and the torchlit procession to the square.

Stay with us and enjoy a short stroll into Chipping Campden via the Cotswold Way to enjoy the historic celebration of the Cotswold Olimpick Games. A day not to be missed, a celebration unique to Chipping Campden, bound to be a highlight of your Cotswold holiday and an event you will not forget.

If these games inspire you for some sporting activity there are plenty of lovely walks to be enjoyed across the countryside. A favourite of ours and one to challenge your fitness levels is to tackle the hill up to Broadway Tower from the picturesque town of Broadway. It is certainly worth the climb as you will be rewarded by far reaching views that stretch around you in all directions. On a clear day you can see as far as Wales!  For those less worried about medal winning climbs take the more sedate decision to start at Broadway tower and stroll down the hill towards the town and reward yourself with a delicious cup of tea and slice of cake. When you pass those climbing up the hill past you, you will know you made the right choice!