The origin of the name Cotswolds is much debated although one popular theory is that it derives from “sheep shelters” (cots) in rolling hills (wolds).

Our Cotswolds farm is true to both these origins, sat in the Mickleton Hills with rolling countryside around and home to our wonderful flocks of sheep.

Here at Mickleton Hills Farm we have two breeds of sheep – Hampshires and Easy Care. You will spot the Hampshires by their draker coloured legs and faces. Hampshire sheep have some wool on their heads and legs and this breed should display a solid topknow of unbroken wool. Our Easy Care sheep are clever indeed, no shearing required for this intelligent flock as they shed their own wool throughout the springtime. They do this at various speeds, so it does result in some very entertaining hairstyles which can be admired as you walk through our footpaths, some people would pay good money for a style like theirs! The wind carries away the wool to be used by birds and other wildlife to create nests. So these sheep are taking care of their fellow friends.

As you explore this region of the Cotswolds, sheep will be abundant across all the local farm land. At this time of year of course you have the wonderful lambs to enjoy aswell. Springing across the grass, as if on a pogo stick, full of the joys of spring. A sight not to be missed in the Springtime, escpecially with little children who will love to see the lambs playing. Whilst visiting us here, if exploring the local area, visit the Cotswolds Farm Park where you will find, sheep, lambs, farming demonstrations, and even their new arrivals the Falabella horses. Not only are the Falabella the newest horses at the Farm Park, they are also easily the smallest! These little creatures are usually no taller than 8 hands (32 inches).

When you enter down our tree lined drive you will be greated by our sheep to start of your Cotswold farm adventure.